My name is Policarp Quarcoo, I'm a fullstack developer and designer.
Welcome to my workstation!



An iBeacon and geolocation tracking app built with ionic framework. The user selects a 15 second clip which plays as a welcoming video when their in range of designated beacons.

GIT Issue Tracker

This is a simple project I developed to learn new concepts and tools. I experimented with github api and used express-js for node to run a local webserver. Also I used gulp-js for asset management and compiling .scss and .js files. I used angular-js to further improve my knowledge on directives and services.
Click here to visit the project repository

IndieSeries TV (BETA)

Still a work in progress. The idea behind IndieSeriesTV is to help people discover web series, which are a hidden gem on youtube. I'm using PostgreSQL to store the data and implemented a REST service to deliver json objects.


After working on a proof of concept using play framework on my coop at SITO, I decided to develop onCinema, which is a showcase of 4 trending movies on cinema. I'm using tmdb api, angular js and play framework.


Inque is an E-commerce site for my server programming course. The backend is using php and mysql.

Art Work